Qigong Purging Exercises

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Begin with: Pulling Down the Heavens

Stand in Wuji posture. Step out to the left.

Inhale as you bring arms up at the sides, with palms facing down, and then turn palms up

Bring hands over the head and then turn palms down

Exhale, bringing hands down the front of the body.

Repeat this exercise three times, first exhaling down the front, then center, then back of the body

1. Counter Swing

This exercise has the effect of cleansing stagnant energy from the skin, muscles and internal organs.

Inhale, arms come up at each side.

Exhale, as you swing the arms, turning to the right, right arm forward, palm up as if gently tossing a ball, and the left arm swings in the opposite direction.

Inhale, as you come back to center.

Repeat to the left.

Continue from side to side until your energy field feels clean and refreshed.

Closing: repeat pulling down the Heavens.

Bring left foot back to the right.


Imagine pure clean air descending from the heavens and enveloping your body.

Feel this clear cool air melting into your body and flowing down the head, torso, into your feet and into the earth.

Imagine pure white energy coming up the legs into the torso.

See dark energy being discharged from the palms of the hands.

Imagine your energy becoming purer and clearer until there is no dark left.


Rotate at the hips, not at the knees.

Keep the shoulders down and relaxed.


This exercise is designed to cleanse the body of negative stagnant energy and to improve structural alignment. This practice moves the lymph and blood while increasing blood oxygenation. It is also used in China for weight loss. The effect on the body is similar to using a rebounder.


Stand with the feet parallel.

Feel the structural alignment of the bones of the ankles, knees, center of the hips and shoulders, stacked on top of each other.

Inhale as you rise up on the balls of the feet.

Exhale, drop, sink and relax, bouncing on your heels.

Repeat, inhaling as you come up on the balls of the feet, then relax and let the weight of your bones stack and drop like a post.

As you drop, exhale.

Imagine the bones stacking on each other and dropping.

Repeat until the energy feels cleansed.

Close by Pulling Down the Heavens

Inhale as you bring arms up at the sides with palms down and then palms up.

Bring the hands to the over head position and then turn palms down.

Exhale, bringing hands down the front of the body

Repeat this exercise three times, first exhaling down the front, then center, then back of the body


Slowly bring awareness up the body from toes to head.

Feel the tissue relax and melt, feel the negative energy relax and shake out of the body.

As you drop, exhale and let the energy of stagnation shake apart.

Feel the energy trapped with the joints and internal cavities disperse and melt away.


Focus your consciousness on the center line of the body.

Align the shoulders above hips, hips above knees, knees above the feet.

It is important that your body is lined up straight like a column.

If a person has knee problems they can do the exercise without lifting the heels.


This exercise breaks up and disperses stagnant energy. It is normal to feel a lot of heat after doing this exercise.


Begin in Wuji posture.

Step out to the left one half a step.

Begin with hands close to the body.

Rotate the wrists, elbows, shoulders and shimmy down the body.

Repeat until you feel cleansed.

Close by pulling down the Heavens.

Bring arms upward, palms up, at the sides, to the over the head position and then hands down the front of the chest to wuji posture. Bring left foot back to the right.


Imagine tightness and tension dispersing into the ground. Feel the stagnant and trapped energy shake out of the tendons, muscles, ligaments and fascia of the body.

Qigong Point Healing and Massage Therapy

1. Wash the Face

Stimulate the skin and fascia muscles.

Begin in wuji posture.

Vigorously shake the hands to remove any toxic qi.

Slap the hands and rub them together until they're hot.

Place over the eyes and inhale absorbing qi into upper the dantian (head) and taiji pole (centre core of body from crown to perineum).

Exhale energy down to the lower dantian (lower abdomen).

3 Times

Place hands on face and wash inward (inhale) and upward in a circular motion: up the nose, eyes and forehead, (exhale) down the temples, cheeks and across the chin and mouth.

9 Times

Shake off hands

2. Massage Head

Ten Dragons run through the forest:

stimulates and balances the meridians of the cranium.

Guide all ten fingers over the head and down the back of the neck.

3. Beating the Heavenly Drum

Balances the air pressure in the inner ears.

Relieves tinnitus, prevents vertigo, relaxes the mind, improves hearing, releases qi stagnation at the base of the skull, stimulates the pineal gland and promotes kidney qi.

Creates a relaxed in-utero state of consciousness.

Place hands on head with palms covering and compressing the ears.

The index fingers of each hand should thump the Jade Pillow at the back of the occiput on Bl 9, 36 times, with the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Clench the teeth, close the mouth, and exhale as you bend the body forward to bring the head between the legs.

Inhale as you straighten the legs, relax the waist and buttocks, and open the eyes to look straight back holding the breath.

Inhale as you slowly role the body back up to standing.

9 times

4. Pressing the Ears

To enhance hearing, stimulate mental energy and promote kidney qi.

Use Laogong points on the center of the palms to compress the ears like a plunger.

Repeat 9 times

Place the left hand on lower dantian (lower abdomen), right hand goes behind head and pulls the left ear towards the back.

Hold 9 breaths and repeat on the other side.

5. Rubbing the eyes #1

Improves vision, good for glaucoma and eye diseases, relieves eye strain and stimulates liver qi.

Let the thumbs rest on the cheekbones and make soft fists, use the ends of the index finger knuckles to massage above the eyelids from the nose to the end of the orb and back, alternating under the eye orb out and back.

18 times

6. Rubbing the eyes #2

Massage the cardinal points each 9 times inward and outward 9 times.

Bladder I (inside corner of the eyes), Yu Yao (centre above the eyes on eyebrow), Gallbladder I (outside corner of the eyes) and Stomach 1 (centre below the eyes)

7. Massaging the nose

To treat colds, relieve sinuses, release mucus from the airways, stimulate the sinus nerves and open the nasal passages, and to stimulate lung qi.

Make soft fists and use the sides of the thumbs to massage the sides of the nose at Large Instestine 20 (outside corner of the nostrils) in an up and down motion 9 times, first inwards and then outwards.

Use the index fingers to press Large Intestine 20 for IO seconds.

Then massage these points for I8 circles (9 times in each direction).

Repeat for Bitong (midway up the sides of nose). Repeat for

Shangen (bridge of the nose)

8. Clicking the teeth

To strengthen the teeth and the gums, tonify jaw muscles, heal the gum tissue, and enhance kidney qi.

Clamp the teeth together.

Click the teeth rogether 36 times.

9. Wagging the tongue

Stimulates the saliva and activates the heart qi.

Swish the tongue around the outside of the teeth 18 times in one direction and then reverse.

Then swish from the lower mouth up past the teeth to the back of the palate and back down to the front 18 times.

Press the tongue 18 times against the back of the teeth.

10. Swallowing the saliva

For digestive enzymes, sometimes called Immortal' s water of Juice of Jade.

When energized through meditation it is said to contain healing properties.

Tuck the chin slightly and swallow the saliva with a big gulp 3 times, using the breath as a bubble to seal it.

Imagine sending it down the conception vessel (front centre of the body from the roof of the mouth to uterus) to bathe the 5 yin organs (heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys) and ending at the lower dantian.

11. Whirling the nape of the neck

To massage the thyroid and larynx and relax the neck and cervical area.

Place the backs of the hands on the kidneys.

Allow the head to relax and hang naturally.

Rotate the head up to the left and right

9 times.

The head is suspended slowly, tum to the right and left 9 times, focus on the lower dantain and kidneys.

12. Massaging the chest and abdomen

To disperse excess qi and balance upper torso with the lower torso.

Focus on the Laogong points (center palms).

Brush chest downwards from collar bone to pubic bone.

9 times

13.) Massage tapping the hands

To stimulate large intestine 4 (LI4)

Extend arms in front of the body and allow the hands with thumbs dropped, to collide along outer edge.

9 times

14. Massage tapping the forearms

Stimulate Pericardium 6 (PC6)

Located 3 fingers above back of wrist.

Form hollow fist and tap 9 times.

Repeat on other side.

15. Massage tapping the elbows

Stimulate (Large Intestine 11) (LI11)

Located at the upper end of the elbow crease. Form hollow fist and tap 9 times

Repeat on other side.

16. Massaging under arms

Stimulate (hear 1) (HTI)

Reach under arm pit and circle massage 9 times.

Repeat on other side.

17. Massage tapping the upper shoulders

To stimulate shoulder wells GB21 (Gall Bladder 21) Point, located at the base of neck where neck meets the shoulders.

Form hollow fist or flat palm and tap one side and then the other.

Repeat 9 times.

1 8. Massaging the arms

Stimulates the 6 channels of the arms Place right palm on inside of left shoulder.

Exhale and rub down arm to fingers.

Inhale and rub up outside of arm.

Continue for 18 breaths and repeat on other side.

19. Massage tapping (LDT) Lower Dantian

Stimulates CV6 (Conception Vessel 6)

Then stroke down chest to gather qi in LDT (lower dantian)

Use soft fists, palms or fingers, tap LDT (lower dantian) for 3 breaths.

20. Massage tapping back of the waist GV4 (Governing Vessel 4)

Lean slightly forward.

Use right and left soft palms or hollow fists to tap the back of the waist.

Continue for 3 breaths.

Tonifies the kidneys etc.

21. Massage tapping the Hips GB-30 (Gall Bladder 30)

Form hollow fist and tap the hip bones.

Repeat 9 times.

22. Massage tapping the Thighs GB-31 (Gall Bladder 31)

Form hollow fist and tap thigh points where the fingertips hang to.

Repeat 9 times.

23. Massage tapping outside of knees GB-34 (Gall Bladder 34)

Form hollow fist or soft palms and tap points on the lower outsides of knees.

Repeat 9 times.

24. Massage tapping inside of knees SP9 (Spleen 9)

Form hollow fist or soft palms and tap points on the lower insides of knees

Repeat 9 times.

25. Massage tapping the back of the knees BL-40 (Bladder 40)

Form hollow fist or soft palms and tap the backs of the knees.

Repeat 9 times.

26. Massage tapping below the knees ST36 (Stomach 36)

Form hollow fist or soft palms and tap points on the front outsides of knees just below the knee caps.

Repeat 9 times.

27. Massage tapping SP6 (Spleen 6) above the inner ankle

Form hollow fist or soft palms and tap points one hand width above the inner ankle.

Repeat 9 times.

28. Massage tapping the heels Kd I (Kidney 1)

To tonify the kidneys.

With knees slightly bent, rise and drop on both heels.

Repeat 9 times

29. Trembling the knees

To disperse stagnant qi and to relax the perineum

Relax, then bend and straighten the knees.

Repeat 9 times

Shake knees from side to side to tremble the entire


Repeat 9 times.

30. Circling the abdomen.

To balance LDT (lower dantian) qi, and to stimulate and enhance digestion.

Place center of both palms on the LDT (lower dantian) and focus the mind there.

Right hand first for men, Left hand first for women.

Rotate the palms around the navel.

36 circles counterclockwise for men, clockwise for women and then 24 in the opposite direction. The energy is getting larger as you circle in the initial direction.

This releases Yuan qi (origninal qi) that has been collected and gathered and is to avoid any stagnation.

It allows the yuan qi to blend with the essential qi of the 5 yin organs.

The smaller circle in the opposite direction gathers the dispersed qi together in the LDT (lower dantian).

This accumulates and stores organ energy, blending it together with Yuan qi.

Pause for a moment and return to wuji.

31. Completion

Close the 4 doors (center palms and feet)

Cultivate Qi with stillness, allowing the energy to return to its origin.

Remain in wuji for 15 minutes.

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