Wuji Posture

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

There are 18 rules to the Dao Yin/Wuji Posture:

1. Stand with the feet flat

2. Bend the knees

3. Relax the hips

4. Round the perineal area

5. Close the anal sphincter

6. Pull in the stomach

7. Relax the waist

8. Tuck the chest in

9. Stretch the back

10. Relax the shoulders

11. Sink the elbows

12. Hollow the armpits

13. Relax the wrists

14. Suspend the head

15. Tuck the chin

16. Close the eyes for inner vision

17. Close the mouth, open the nose, stop the ears

18. Touch the tongue to the upper palate

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